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Ever get that itch to reply to a comment but find yourself switching between tabs? We get you! Building relationships with your audience is key, and that's why you can now reply directly to comments from your BlogHunch dashboard. Answer questions, spark conversations, and connect with your readers in real time – all without ever leaving the platform.
Switch between Light & Dark with BlogHunch’s new Color Mode feature. This gives you more control over your website's visual style. Experiment with the color schemes, find the perfect fit for your brand, and create a website that stands out!
We know comment sections can sometimes turn into battlegrounds against spam bots. But fear no more! Our new GDPR-friendly Captcha feature is here to stand guard. This clever security measure ensures only genuine comments get through, keeping your comment section a clean and thriving space for meaningful conversation.
Have you ever thought of selling your ebooks directly on your website? Now it's a reality! Ditch the complicated integrations and say hello to effortless ebook sales with our new Direct PDF Uploads feature. Simply upload your PDF, set your price, and watch your audience become raving fans (and customers!). This is the perfect way to monetize your creativity and share your knowledge with the world.
Here are the beautiful websites that are made with BlogHunch, have you checked this one?
Hello Everyone,
We have made some significant updates for the products.
  1. Now you will have to choose a currency for the paid products.
  2. The UI is updated to provide a better UX.
  3. The checkout page will automatically show Paypal, Stripe, or Razorpay based on the currency chosen.
Here is the detailed video link
New analytics updates are here 🚀🤩
Now you can
✅ Track everyday page views (last 30 days)
✅ Get visit duration insights
✅ Get top country's page views data
✅ Post stats (includes country-wise visit stats)
Exciting news! Managing team members just got a whole lot smoother! 🚀
Check out the latest updates:
1️⃣ Role-switching for team members is now a breeze!
2️⃣ Resend invite emails effortlessly if they don't go through the first time.
3️⃣ Directly send joining links to team members. (Watch the attached video for a quick guide) 📹
Let's streamline collaboration like never before! 💪
Hey users
Now you can add CTA buttons in the blog post editor. It lets you change the button text, background color, link, and placement and also lets you choose whether the open the link in a new tab or not.
Explore it today from your dashboard -
Hi guys, we have launched theme customizer.
The Theme Customizer is a user-friendly interface that allows website owners and developers to personalize the appearance and layout of their websites in a dynamic and interactive way. Key features typically include:
Real-Time Preview: Changes made through the Theme Customizer are often displayed in real-time, allowing users to see the immediate impact of their adjustments before applying them.
Customization Options: Users can modify various aspects of the theme, such as colors, fonts, backgrounds, header and footer settings, and more. The specific customization options depend on the capabilities of the theme and the CMS being used.
Widgets and Menus: Some Theme Customizers also provide the ability to manage widgets and menus, allowing users to easily rearrange and customize the content and navigation structure of their websites.
Responsive Design: Many modern Theme Customizers are designed to ensure that the changes made are responsive, meaning they adapt seamlessly to different screen sizes and devices.
Presets and Previews: Some Theme Customizers offer pre-designed presets or themes that users can apply quickly. Additionally, there may be options to preview how the website will look on various devices.
Undo/Redo: To enhance user experience, Theme Customizers often include undo and redo functionalities, enabling users to revert changes if needed.
Accessibility: Increasingly, Theme Customizers are incorporating accessibility features to ensure that websites can be easily navigated and understood by users with disabilities.
below youtube link has been on the same kindly check it out .
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