Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


Hi πŸ‘‹,
Here is what we have done this October 2023.
AppSumo Launch πŸš€πŸŽ‰
We successfully launched BlogHunch on AppSumo as part of the AppSumo select campaign on October 10th, generating over $30,000 in sales. The response has been overwhelmingly positive, with great feedback and several fantastic reviews.
Roadmap Development
Our community members contributed incredible ideas on our Feedback board, many of which we've reviewed and incorporated into our development plans. We've already commenced work on several of these suggestions.
RTL Support
Responding to high demand, we've introduced RTL (Right-to-Left) support for themes and shipped compatibility for the Arabic language in the dashboard.
Course/Ebook Content Reordering
We've introduced a drag-and-drop reordering tool, enabling seamless reordering of course or ebook content. This tool allows for the reorganization of course sections, lessons, and ebook chapters, including the ability to move lessons between different sections.
Hindi Language Support
Our platform now fully supports the Hindi language in both the dashboard and Themes, empowering users to create and manage Hindi websites, reaching a wider regional and international audience.
Mark Lessons or Chapters as Free
A new feature allows you to mark specific chapters of your paid ebook or lessons of your paid course as free, providing users with a preview of your premium content, and potentially increasing user conversion rates.
PayPal Test Environment
Testing PayPal integration is now easier with our new test environment. Users can create sandbox credentials in their PayPal account, seamlessly connect them to BlogHunch, and conduct testing without impacting live transactions.
Hide Featured Image
Users now have the option to hide featured images from post pages for a cleaner and more customizable layout.
Hide Author Details
We've introduced the ability to hide author details from posts, offering more flexibility in displaying content.
These updates signify our commitment to enhancing BlogHunch's functionalities based on user feedback and industry demands.
We are super excited to announce that we have shipped the newsletter feature that will let you send posts as emails to your newsletter subscribers.
The current features are
βœ… Connect custom SMTP.
βœ… Create and manage multiple newsletters.
βœ… Customize the newsletter email template.
βœ… Customize the email newsletter form.
Now you can integrate your OpenAI credentials and start automating content creation with our AI automation features.
The current features are
βœ… SEO title generation
βœ… Generate article outline
βœ… Summarize article
βœ… Shorten selected text
βœ… Expand selected text
βœ… Write in 6 different tones
βœ… Improve writing
βœ… Fix spelling and grammar
βœ… Rewrite as a single sentence
βœ… Transform into a bullet list
βœ… Transform into a numbered list
Now you can send test emails to confirm if your SMTP credentials are working fine or not.