We are super excited to announce that we have shipped the newsletter feature that will let you send posts as emails to your newsletter subscribers.
The current features are
✅ Connect custom SMTP.
✅ Create and manage multiple newsletters.
✅ Customize the newsletter email template.
✅ Customize the email newsletter form.
Now you can integrate your OpenAI credentials and start automating content creation with our AI automation features.
The current features are
✅ SEO title generation
✅ Generate article outline
✅ Summarize article
✅ Shorten selected text
✅ Expand selected text
✅ Write in 6 different tones
✅ Improve writing
✅ Fix spelling and grammar
✅ Rewrite as a single sentence
✅ Transform into a bullet list
✅ Transform into a numbered list
Now you can send test emails to confirm if your SMTP credentials are working fine or not.
Screenshot 2023-05-18 at 7